Book It Forward!

Mission Statement

To collect, sort and distribute donated books to Oregon's rural communities.

This service is provided at no cost.

Serving Rural Oregon


Free Donation Pickup



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Children Books

Historical Books

Donates local history books to local historical societies, museums and libraries.

Distribute donated children books to promote reading.

Whether you're spring cleaning, having a garage sale or just in need of more space, Please give us a call or drop us a line before you send your books to the landfill.

Give us the opportunity to clean and distribute your books to where they can do the most good.

Book Donations Needed!


Used Book Sale

Used Puzzle Sale

Currently, we have delivered 1587 books to Oregon rural communities since January 1, 2016………Thank you for your donations!

Large Print Books

Donates large print books and puzzles to retirement centers.


Rural Oregon Public Library Project

Our goal is to collect and deliver donated books, CD's and audio books to rural Oregon libraries that wish to hold book sale event(s) in order to generate funds to expand library services to the local community.

Please contact us to schedule a FREE donation pickup or to aquire information on receiving inventory for your upcoming booksale

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