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Book-It-Forward is a program dedicated to the advancement of reading through the sharing of under utilized books. Institutions all over the United States are in desperate need of books to promote reading to needy children. Many of these institutions cannot afford to buy books. There are others, individuals and institutions alike, that possess books which are not longer being used and have been cast aside in a closet or laying in a stack for a garage sale. Worse yet, many of these books end up in a dumpster when they had plenty of usefulness and joy of reading left embedded within the pages.

Book-It-Forward links individuals and institutions looking for books with those who possess books. The method of linkage is simple. For those institutions in search of books, select the "Searching" tab. For those possessing books who would like to book-it-forward, select the "Donating" tab. The instructions within each tab will guide you towards the receipt or donation of books.

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